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How to activate the map filters?

On the website:

To activate or deactivate filters, click on the Display Options button at the bottom left of the map, and then click on the filter you want to display.

On the application:

Tap on the Display on Map tab on the right side of the map, below the search bar.

You will then have the option to activate the filters of your choice.

What information is presented?

Cycling Infrastructure: Displays cycling infrastructure on your map.
Bike Share: Displays bike share stations and availability for the following services: V3, Vélolib, Vélo’+, Donkey Republic, V’Lille, Velam, VéloCité, Villo, Velo2, Cristolib, Vélo’V, Le vélo, VéloCité, VélOstan’lib, Bicloo, Cy’clic, VélôToulouse, LE vélo STAR, PBSC, PubliBike V1, Yélo, Optymo, C.vélo, Vélib’, Vélocéa, Velopop'.
Contributions: Displays contributions added by users (map issues, roadworks, dangerous areas, etc.).
Restaurants: Displays restaurants (depending on the regions).
Sights to See: Displays major points of interest, historical monuments, viewpoints, etc. (depending on the regions).
Accommodations: Displays campgrounds, hotels, guesthouses, etc. (depending on the regions).
Events: Displays ongoing events (depending on the regions).
Practical: Displays bike shops, bike rentals, pumps, electric charging stations, water points, picnic tables, toilets.

This may vary depending on the regions.

Updated on: 13/07/2023

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