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[Android] What permissions are required for Android?

Analysis of permissions required

The application needs access to certain information on your mobile in order to function.
To check that everything is functional:
Go to Profile
Click on Settings at top right of screen
Then Follow-up and navigation.
Finally, click on Permission required.

If in this window, the bar is green and at 100%, your application is perfectly configured.

If this is not the case, click on the setting that is not active, and a window will open to access your phone's settings and activate authorization.

What do these authorizations do?


This authorization is absolutely necessary to activate your GPS position, guide you during navigation and record your journeys.

Disable battery optimization

If battery optimization is not deactivated, the application can be shut down at any time by the system, cutting off navigation and trip recording.

GPS position in background:

The application collects location data to record your journeys and detect when you are cycling, even if it is closed.
Locations are only used to record your movements.
It is therefore possible to disable this option if you do not use activity detection and/or do not wish to authorize gps position reading.

Activity detection

Our activity detection system relies on the activity recognition tool in your smartphone. Authorization for activity recognition (sometimes called physical activity) is required to detect and record your cycling activities.

Updated on: 23/01/2024

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