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[Android] How to set the voice guidance?

Setting up voice guidance:

In the settings of your phone, you will find the Accessibility option, where you can access the Text-to-Speech settings. In this menu, you can choose the preferred voices.

If the voice guidance in the application is not in your language, go to the text-to-speech settings of your phone and select the desired language.

Alternatively, you can reinstall "Google Text to Speech" and activate voice guidance from within the application.

For Samsung devices:

Go to Settings.
Select Language and input.
Choose Text-to-speech output.
Check if Google Text to Speech or Samsung Text to Speech is selected as the preferred engine.

If the language is set to "System language", go to the "System" settings of your phone to modify the overall language.

This information is specific to Android devices. For iOS devices, the language is automatically based on the phone's language.

To disable voice guidance:

Go to Profile.
Then go to Settings.
Select Navigation to disable voice guidance.

Updated on: 13/07/2023

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