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How do I set up my profile?

On Android:

Press Profile
Then Parameters (top right of screen).
Choose Preferences to access the settings page for this data

On this page, you can set:

My preferred bike type: choose here the type of bike that will be proposed to you when you search for a route: "My bike" or "Self-service bike".
My preferred route type*: choose the route profile that will be proposed to you first during a route search: "Secure", "Balanced", "Direct".
Electric*: To be activated if you mainly ride an electric-assist bike. This enables a different calculation to be applied to the route duration estimate.
Average speed: this is the speed that will be used to estimate route duration during a search.
Request to receive the newsletter and activity e-mails Download your data: this is where you can download your data.
Download your data

Updated on: 19/09/2023

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