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I'm a cyclist, how can I participate?

The participant (if he/she doesn't have an account) will have to register to Geovelo, either from the website or from the application.
He/she can then join the desired community(ies) using the invitation link or a QR Code, depending on what your entity has set up.

Then all you have to do is pedal! Remember to save your journeys!
You'll automatically save all the routes you've taken via navigation.

Otherwise, if you just want to record your km without navigation,** click on the manual recording button (bottom left of screen) and remember to stop recording once you've reached your destination (bottom left of screen)!

If you have an Android, you can activate automatic activity detection.
For technical reasons, we are unable to offer this feature to iOS devices at this time.

Our cyclist lives in Sceaux and works in Antony. He's going to Nantes for a weekend in May:
his company
his association
the town of Sceaux
the town of Antony
Nantes Métropole

In this case:
Kilometers traveled on the way to and from work will be taken into account in the Challenge de Sceaux, d'Antony, de son entreprise et de son association. His journeys made in Nantes will be taken into account in the Challenge de Nantes Métropole, his company and his association.

Updated on: 18/09/2023

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