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Is it possible to import trip statistics from a third-party application?

"We do not offer a direct connection with GPS watches or other recording applications (Strava, garmin...).

But you can [import a GPX file]( to record your trips/statistics on Geovelo.

Tracks are taken into account in the challenge if the file is imported within 48 hours of the track being recorded.

If a piece of track has been detected with Geovelo, in parallel to your recording from the third-party application, the gpx file cannot be taken into account.
To avoid possible cheating, we have set a limit of 150 km per import. Example:
I record my track with my connected watch or other device. However, activity detection was activated for a few minutes before I deactivated it.
When I import the track from my connected watch software (strava, garmin...) Geovelo will """"refuse the track"""". To avoid duplicates
You'll need to delete the trace from your statistics before importing the gpx file."

Updated on: 18/09/2023

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