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What are the different types of challenge?

Here's how the different types of challenge work

Journeys taken into account

All journeys of more than 500 meters that you make with the Geovelo application will be taken into account.To ensure that they appear in your statistics and are taken into account in the challenges, several solutions are possible. They can be :
Carried out by launching navigation with the Geovelo app; Recorded using the manual recording button on the Geovelo app home screen;* Detected by the "Automatic recording" function, which can be activated in the Geovelo application settings.

In the case of a gpx import, the activity must meet the following criteria:

your track is less than 150 kilometers long
your track lasts less than 12 hours
you import your track less than 48 hours after completing the route
you have joined the group before completing the activity.

Please note that challenges are not retroactive: if you are not registered at the start of the challenge but join later, past events will not be taken into account. To make sure you don't miss the start of a challenge, activate automatic registration by pressing the ""i"" above the challenge list.

Community types

Public communities and private communities:

Public communities: have a geographical limit. So if you ride outside the geographical area of the city/metropolis/commune, the km will not be taken into account in the challenge.These communities can be found by entering their name in the search bar.

Private communities: have no limit. These are associations, companies, etc.
You can join these communities by using the invitation link or invitation code. You won't find them using our search tool.

Distance objective

Challenge duration: 1 month

During this challenge, you must cycle as many kilometers as possible.
A collective goal is set for each community. This target is based on the total kilometers covered in the previous month, plus 10%.

An individual challenge ranking appears in list form. It allows you to see where you stand in relation to the podium.

Updated on: 07/08/2023

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