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How to use the bike ride generator?

Geovelo offers an "automatic" bike ride creation tool on the website or through the application. These rides will allow you to plan a more "touristic" route. This route can be generated automatically or customized according to your sightseeing preferences.

On the website:

Go to the Rides tab.
Click on Create your ride.
Enter the starting point, duration of the ride, and the "Cyclist Profile" (Safe, Balanced, Direct, Touristic, Hybrid).
Click on Find a ride.
You can then modify the duration, profile, and Recalculate for a new suggestion.

If you're satisfied with the ride:

Click on Save.
Find the ride in the Itinerary tab under your Favorites.

How to save a route to find it on the website and app?

On the Geovelo app:

Choose the Explore tab
Click on Rides
Then Generate a ride

A page will load and provide you with a suggested ride.

The default starting point is your Current Location, but you can modify it.
You can adjust the duration and press the arrow to "generate an other ride".
If you like the suggested ride, press "Let's go" to be guided!

You can also share it, add it to Favorites, or download the .gpx file.

Updated on: 18/07/2023

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