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How do I use the ride creation tool?

Create a ride

Go to, then to the "Ride" tab

Click on "Create a ride".

How do I plot my route using the route editor?

Define your starting and finishing points by clicking on the map, or by entering the address.

If you then wish to adapt the route choices defined by geovelo, you can either :

add an address: by clicking on the "+" in the left-hand column
by "dragging and dropping" the route from the map
right-click to define a new start point, waypoint or finish.

To save your trip

If your route is well defined, click on "Next", then fill in the information in the window: route name, description.

You can save the ride just for yourself, or share it with the geovelo community by choosing "public" visibility.

Updated on: 19/09/2023

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