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How to plan a multi-day bike trip with the route planner?

A multi-day bike trip is called a "Trip". You can adjust the route in terms of duration, add stops for lunch and overnight stays, as well as any other desired detours. This article will explain how to use the planner tool to organize your multi-day bike trip.

On our website:

In the left column,

Click on Trips tab.
Then on Create your Trip.
Name your trip.
Enter your starting and arrival points.

The calculator will propose a route based on our "Tourism" profile (following bike paths and greenways as much as possible). You can then adjust or indicate:

Adding a waypoint: if you want to add a stop to the initial search.
Add your departure date.
The number of days: the estimated distance will adjust based on the chosen number of days.
Click on Plan your trip, and a new window will open with the details of your trip!

Summary Section

This section provides an overview of your planned trip:

Departure and destination addresses of the trip.
Estimated duration and total distance of your trip.
"Flag" icons on the map indicating the position of the waypoints.
You can download the .gpx files for the entire trip route by clicking the download arrow. A folder will be downloaded, containing a .gpx file for each waypoint.

"Step" Section

This section presents per day:

The starting point of the waypoint (which you can modify).
The destination of the waypoint (which you can modify).
Estimated duration and distance of the waypoint.

Within each waypoint, you will find three tabs:

Visits : a list of tourist points of interest to visit near your route. You can add a waypoint if you want to visit these points of interest, and the route will be recalculated to include them.
Where to sleep? : it provides a list of accommodations (hotels, campsites, hostels) located around your destination. (This option may not be available in all regions).
Roadmap: precise instructions to follow the route.

Modifying the Route

You can modify the route for each day, add intermediate waypoints, etc., whether you're in the "summarry" or "Step" section:

In "Steps", you can modify all the points of the route (departure, arrival, or any point on the route).
The .gpx files for each waypoint are available by clicking the download arrow. You can also print the instructions for the waypoint, a map of the starting or destination point, etc., by clicking the printer icon.

Once each day of your itinerary is updated, save your trip to find it on the website or application.
Note: It will not be possible to modify a saved trip.

| Reminder: How to find a prepared trip on the application or website?

Updated on: 18/07/2023

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