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How does automatic recording work?

When the phone detects cycling activity, the Geovelo app wakes up to record the trip.
When the phone detects the end of cycling activity, the Geovelo app stops recording.

This feature is available for devices running Android, but it is not yet stable on iOS due to technical limitations.
Our teams are working to make it more stable and accurate on all devices before the end of the first semester of 2024.

What are the settings that activate automatic recording on the smartphone?

To detect a cycling movement, the smartphone analyzes a set of sensors and elements:

Your speed: If you use an E-bike or an EPDM starting your journey at a high speed from the beginning, the detection may not start immediately because the phone will not analyze your journey as ""cycling."" Conversely, a too slow journey (if you are accompanying a child/a pedestrian) may not be recognized for the same reason.
Movement: The phone's accelerometer detects your movements. It is recommended to have your smartphone in your pants pocket; the system detects a characteristic pedaling movement.

Experiencing issues with automatic recording? Why doesn't activity detection work?

Updated on: 22/02/2024

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