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Why doesn't activity detection work?

On iOS:

We face technical limitations that prevent us from providing as high-quality an experience as we would like. It is sometimes more functional on the latest iPhones. Our team is working on the issue, and new features will be available by the end of 2023.

On Android:

Verify that automatic recording is enabled:

Go to Profile
Choose Settings in the upper right corner of the page
Then Tracking and Navigation to check if the "Track Recording" option is enabled.

Check that all required permissions for the application to work properly are enabled:

Go to Profile
Choose Settings in the upper right corner of the page
Then Required Permissions to verify that all settings are active.

Android Overlays Issues:

Some Android operating systems (Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, etc.) have restrictive settings for your smartphone's features to save battery or limit memory usage. However, they can impact the proper functioning of Geovelo.

We invite you to check the following points in your settings: (menu titles or access paths may vary depending on the brands)

- Location Permission

Go to Settings > Applications > Geovelo > Permissions
Check that the "Always Allow" option is enabled here.

- Battery Usage

Go to Settings > Applications > Geovelo > Battery or Battery Usage
Check that the "Unrestricted" option is active, or that the application is not in the list of apps optimized by your smartphone.


- Go to your smartphone's settings, then to battery, then to battery settings, and then disable the "Put unused apps to sleep" option.

- Check the battery optimization settings
Go to Settings > Applications > Menu (⁝) > Special Access > Optimize Battery and check that Geovelo is not part of the optimized apps.


The same issues may be present on Xiaomi phones. In addition to the above points, go to your settings > Security > Manage Apps > Geovelo and choose "Do Not Restrict."

For other smartphone brands or more details, visit This site provides details by Android versions according to brands, and it also offers an app to download that will analyze your phone's settings.

Updated on: 08/11/2023

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