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Is there a Geovelo application for connected watches?


Since August 2023, we've been offering a beta version of an application for Android watches equipped with the WearOs system.

How do I install it?

If your watch is compatible and connected to your phone, go to your smartphone's playstore to download the watch app.

You can also find it directly on your watch's playstore by searching for Geovelo.

How do I record a route?

The watch must be connected to your device via Bluetooth.

Simply start recording by pressing the red ""record"" button on the watch or on the app.

If your smartphone is in your pocket, you can pause or stop recording directly from the watch.

How do I follow an itinerary calculated with the application?

Start your route calculation from the Geovelo application, then click on 'Go'.
You can now leave the smartphone in your pocket, the watch will give you directions, and you can then stop and record your journey directly from the watch.

Updated on: 23/01/2024

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