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How do badges work ?

The badge system has been set up to reward your activity!

The 3 main badges

Distance, Regularity, and Contribution

Badges work with point gains.
1 km = 1 point
1 validated report = 20 pts
1 day of riding = 5 pts

Every activity carried out with Geovelo helps your region understand and promote cycling! For this, in your profile, under your username, you will find a fourth badge that combines all your points.

To know your number of points and the points needed to reach the next level, go to the Geovelo app.
Then choose "Profile," and you can then go to the "Achievements" section to see your earned badges. Just select a badge to know your progress.

For your information, this system is retroactive! It takes into account all your activity.

* Map contributions are considered valid when they are "validated" by our mappers.
* Reports of "Dangerous Paths," "Construction," "Blocked Paths," and "Potholes" earn you points when 3 cyclists validate them.

Surprise badges

Unlike the main badges, these badges are associated with your journeys rather than points.
Check your old journeys; they may be decorated with nice badges

Updated on: 08/11/2023

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